Getting Ready To Go

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about leaving for our big trip. I'm now one third into my unpaid leave from my job and I feel like I'm just getting momentum, especially with my DIY wedding kits.

However, this plan is over two years in the planning and saving so, too bad. It may sound weird to be complaining about going on a trip, but I am a routine person, and 5 weeks of travel across southeast Asia and Australia just doesn't do it for me.

Our final destination, where we will more or less park for 3 months before we return to Germany, is at my folks place in California. They have a little guest house which we live in while we're there (picture above). We love this place and I'm looking forward to getting settled in and getting back to work.

Having said all this, one thing this leave has taught me is that I need to strike a balance between ambitious plans and time management. I get so irritable when I can't stick to my schedule, but I usually create one that is impossible to keep.

Maybe 5 weeks away will help me relax and detox from my schedule addiction. Maybe.

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