Fun Stuff For Etsy Euro Week

So if you haven't heard by now, (and maybe you haven't because Google Analytics tells me most of my visitors are on the other side of the pond - i.e., North America) this week is ‘Euro Week’ on Etsy. As part of their burgeoning operations in Europe they are highlighting sellers and products from Europe.

Maybe because the snow (finally!) stopped, and spring is one of the most fantabulous times of the year in Bavaria and Munich, I got inspired to create a little printable calendar celebrating both. It's a March through June calendar, in German. Each month has a little drawing that  symbolizes some aspect of spring in Bavaria (a may pole, a bike, a Biermaß, etc.) and it also lists all of the Bavarian holidays.

I also went all out and wrote the product description in German... I'm really hoping that all of my spelling and grammatical errors come across as a charming and well-intentioned expat effort!

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