We are LIVE Y'all!

After months of working during the evening after work, weekends and on whatever other scraps of time we could find, the new e.m.papers online store is finally live! The design and development work has taken place in Munich, China and Australia.

We're still working out a few kinks and need to do a more expansive QA (hence the 'BETA') but we are finally free of the limitations of our old platform and have a lot more flexibility now, so stay tuned.

"I'd like to thank the Academy for recognizing it can be about the performance not the politics...."
"Imma' let you finish but Beyonces'...."

Seriously,  there is someone I have to thank, and that is my husband. Without him NONE of this would have been possible. He was the one that scoured through CMS assessments and figured out which tool we should use and turned himself into a Joomla and CSS jedi. When he reached the limits of his ability, he discovered oDesk and skyped and chatted with developers all over the place and ultimately found a guy in Sydney who has been awesome, creating wicked custom templates and rapidly responding to  frantic post-launch emails (thank you Stuart!) But most importantly he has been the most incredible support to me, encouraging me and believing in my vision, pushing me past my 'This is a totally stupid idea' moments. He has demonstrated this belief, loyalty and love day after day, night after night - staring bleary eyed into his laptop monitor and putting up with me in some of my less-than-lovable moments.

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