New Business Cards

I got my business cards from Moo cards yesterday. They turned out better than expected. I had been putting this off for awhile, but now with all the Etsy events coming up it was time to get it done.

It was a bright spot in the midst of my current content-migration hell. We are in the last stretch of getting the new Joomla based store live, so I can FINALLY get off  my lame-o and overpriced Yahoo! (it should be Yahoo!$@#?*&) store platform, and it is KILLING me. I am not good with finishing. I like getting things started, and being all pumped with big ideas, but when it comes to the tedium and minutiae of getting things over the finish line, crossing every little 't' and dotting every little 'i',  I just want to take a big nap. There are so many little details that pop up in the process: like fixing the ugly off-the-shelf-icons in the checkout process, mapping all the old URLs to the new ones for the 301 redirect file so I don't lose any of my just-barely-there Google rankings, writing new product copy that is more keyword dense but doesn't sound like it's generated by a machine, ugh-BORING!  When is the part when I get to design fun stuff again?

I have to give my husband props though. He is a real champ, he comes home from his day job, and then after dinner, starts his second shift making all the CSS changes and working with the ISP to make sure the domain gets transferred, not to mention kindly putting up with his grumpy, impatient wife!

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