Slowly Discovering the German Crafts Scene

So yesterday was exciting. The 2 person strong Etsy Berlin office hosted one of  what is to be bi-weekly (or rather, fortnightly) chats. There is lots going on, including a Munich meet-up sometime in the next week or so, and on April 1st there will be an opening party in Berlin (I am SO there!)

The chat session was great in a couple of ways - I learned of some new resources like CUT magazine, based in Munich - practically down the street from where I live. Cut had a bunch of interesting links to blogs like Handmade 2.o

I'm starting to get a sense of what is going on in the Indie hadmade scene here in the Fatherland. I suspected that there was more going on besides the folksy, kitschy Weinachtsmarkt kind of stuff (not that there's anything wrong with that!) but that most of it was taking place in Berlin, perhaps that's not the case.

This is all sehr, sehr good for my German. Even though I speak German at home (well, it's more Denglish/Germisch) since I stopped going into the office and working on German-speaking projects, my German has started to really deteriorate. I've also gotten lazy since I got married. I used to force myself to read through insurance forms and phone bills, now I just shove them at my husband and ask 'What's this? Can I throw it away?' Figuring out the Deutsche indie crafts scene is definitely more motivating than insurance forms and bills!

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