Etsy German Street Team

So, I've decided to start an Etsy 'Street Team' for Germany. This was something I intended to do while on my leave, along with get more involved with the Etsy forums and community and general. The funny thing is, I'm kinda scared! It's much easier (and safer) to remain semi-anonymous and not put myself out there.

The other day I was telling my husband how excited I was that  Etsy has two bloggers stationed in Berlin and seems to be slowly establishing a footprint in Germany, and that it was a shame no street team existed for Germany. He casually responded that I should start one since I 'könntest das super machen' (am great at those sort of things.) I took his matter of fact statement as a sign from the universe that I shouldn't hesitate. Besides, truth be told, I'm getting a little 'Cuckoo' spending so much time with just myself and NPR. Heh.

So I started a forum thread in the Etsy teams and events section and got two bites, which is apparently all one needs to get a team formed. Now all I have to do is fill out all the forms, get some more folks on board and work with them to figure out what all we want to do!

Photo by Campru, from Flickr Creative Commons

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