The Emancipation Network

I tallied up how many  I sold this season. I sold 7, so the total proceeds going to The Emancipation Network were about ten dollars. Not much, but every bit helps and I hope to sell more of these cards next year I may even do a holiday card campaign, since sales are bigger then. I also give a recurring, monthly personal donation - so that helps too.

I chose The Emancipation Network as an organization to consistently give to becuase of the issues it addresses. I heard a story about global slavery on NPR's Fresh Air that just horrified me. Did you know human slavery is more widespread globally now more than ever before in history? And what's worse is that it is cheaper - yes, globalization has impacted the slave trade as well.  The whole idea of being in bondage, forced to work is so repugnant - I just can't imagine it. It really puts my whining about my 'day job' in perspective. A lot of this unspeakable trade is sexual traficking of children and women, which just makes it all more unthinkable .TEN focuses on identifying people who have been enslaved, getting them out and helping the survivors reclaim their lives through crafts.

The noble work of this organization (and many like it) resonated with me because of its focus on justice, meaningful work - handmade crafts - as well as its focus on women and girls. You can find out more about the organization at their website here.


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