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Earlier I wrote about my productivity system. I got such an enthusiastic response (and even a speaking invitation!) that I thought I would write some more about this.  It made me appreciate that I have picked up a lot of knowledge on this stuff over the years which I take for granted. I'm going to try and synthesize the basic concepts of the productivy and planning systems that I have some knowledge of or experience with in way that is understandable, and make it as applicable to a crafty/micro-entreprenuerial context as I can.  I'll start by listing the basic steps that seem to be universal:

  1. Defining a Vision
  2. Setting Objectives
  3. Defining Scope
  4. Estimating
  5. Planning

I'll expand on each of these topics in the future posts. To be honest, I kind of can't believe I'm writing about this stuff on my leave of absence from work! I wanted to get away from all this, so I could spend all my time being 'creative'. However, I have found that for me, creativity thrives within structure. Years ago, when I was in art school, I decided to take a semester off, with the idea that I would spend all my time painting and only doing projects that I wanted to do. What I actually ended up doing was spending most of my time reading the paper in my favorite lower Haight coffee house and watching Star Trek: Next Generation re-runs. Although there was probably some value in that 'lost semester', now that I'm a grown up, with real responsibilities - not to mention more defined ambitions - I'm not too interested in wasting time like that again.

Photo by (nz)dave on  Flickr Creative Commons

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