Etsy 'Share Your Love' 2010 Valentine Campaign

Etsy has got a nice campaign going on. It's called 'Special Delivery: Share Your Love 2010' they are working with City Meals on Wheels to send along 18,000 Valentine Cards to meals that go to the recipients. I'm sending along several copies of four e.m.papers printable Valentine cards, including I's For You, SF Love, Bike Valentine and Please Valentine printable valentine's cards. Every now and again it's good to go through this exercise to see if DIY Valentine's (and DIY greeting cards in general) are indeed easy to produce. Luckily, they are! I produced a bunch and it took me the duration of 1 'Fresh Air with Terry Gross' on NPR.

By the way, the Bike Valentine printable Valentine card is a card I designed last year, with all the proceeds going to TEN (The Emancipation Network) an organization working to abolish modern slavery, I will continue this campaign this year.

Anyone can participate, and you don't even have to send in handmade cards. You can see some of the other great contributions in Etsy's Special Delivery Flickr pool.

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