Why am I Doing This?

My best friend's uncle - who I really like - sent me an email this morning asking me about e.m.papers (how it's going, how I got it started, etc.) I wrote him a very long email and in the process answered a question which I have been half-consciously, very quietly asking myself over the last few months: "Why Am I doing This?" Here, I found out, is the answer:

I started out thinking it would be easy; I would throw a site up and ‘ta-da! - watch the money roll in!’ This has obviously not happened, but I subsequently found that I LOVE it – which ultimately is the only reason to do anything. I love the internet, I love the incredible social media tools that are now available to everyday people,  I love online marketing, I love seeing my efforts result in sales, I love the ‘indie’ thing and I  have found that I am, in my heart, an entrepreneur. While I would have no objections to this making a me a shitload of money one day, I am also just really happy to have a means to escape corporate America (or at least try) which I increasingly detest (pay check is nice though) or at the very least make a little money on the side, and finally and most importantly, to be creative on my own terms.


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