Holiday Card Give Away


A couple of years ago I designed a print and fold Christmas card using this poinsettia image and (my favorite) craft paper. I couldn't decide exactly how to place the image on the card, so I made several different versions and stood them on our sideboard so I could look them over for a few days and decide. In the meantime my husband commented that they sort of looked like an advent calendar. He had a point. I placed some of those cheap-o Ikea tea light holders in front of each card and we lit one for each advent.

I wanted to post all four cards as a paper advent give away, but obviously it's too late for that, and I haven't gotten it together in time. I also opened the file and found that I didn't save all the different versions of the card, I just kept moving it around and printing it out directly from Illustrator...wah WAH. (Did I just unsell the car?) No matter! This still makes a fine holiday give away, so please, enjoy! Download the printable holiday card here.






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