You Are RAAAD Flash Cards


Recently a dear friend of mine had a birthday. I'm bad at getting gifts (that's how I started this whole printable racket!) Usually I have no idea what to get people and then try and come up with something at the last minute (enter printable gift coupon!) I don't like the idea of getting people a gift - more stuff - just to tick off the box. If I happen to know that someone would love a certain something, I'm delighted, because then I know he or she will appreciate it. It's that knowing what people want that is the hard part, moreover most people I know don't really need anything. In fact, this friend of mine kept saying how she was completely satiated as far as material needs were concerned. Not helpful. Fortunately this year my procrastination and lack of ideas paid off. She had been feeling somewhat down and after a conversation on the morning of her birthday party I knew exactly what she needed. Pick-me-up, You are Awesome 'Flash Cards'.

I thought of all her unique qualities, and for each one wrote a little paragraph with examples. Each card listed the quality in large type with the blurb beneath it and a picture of her that seemed to match the stellar quality listed on the card. No templates for this (yet!) , just a nice idea I thought I'd share - maybe a gift idea that would work for you too at some point :-)

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