Excuse Our Mess...

Since I haven't had time to actually paste in the Google Analytics doodad, I don't even know how many or if any people actually read this blog. Actually, a few people must read it because the analytics from my Yahoo store list it as an occasional reference site (or could that be me coming from this site?)

Innyhooch. I wanted to take a minute to explain the fact that this blog is sort of in 'BETA' mode. The reasons for that are: My boyfriend is helping me set up this blog and a new store, all which will run off Joomla (for better or worse, like many female indie designer/crafters my male partner does the 'tech' work!) We both have full-time day-jobs which explains the slow going (stay tuned on this) and my boyfriend will become my husband this Friday. So the reasons that some of the links are blank, and the shop link in the top navigation takes you to a half-finished shop site are:

1. Day Job
2. Wedding

We hope to get this all in ship, shape by the end of the year. In the meantime, we've got a wedding to go to!

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