Red Bridge Surprise Visit


Something really neat happened today. I met another Etsy seller for the first time. Tyshawn from Red Bridge Studios contacted me via 'convo' on Etsy.

Tyshawn is a silk screen artists and makes really cute pillows, tea towels, zipper purses  and tote bags check out her store here. She sent me a short note letting me know that she was traveling through Germany and was trying to meet with other Etsy sellers. I took it as a small sign from the universe that I should keep on following the handmade/entreprenurial path.

We met and went to Munich 72 just across the Isar. We had a nice chat over Apfelmuss Kuchen (applesauce cake) about everything from Germany to Etsy to the virtues of freelancing over having a corporate 9-5.  Days like this make me really heart the internet and Etsy.

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