• How A Morning of Ink and Brush Painting Turns into Printable Christmas Cards

    11/20/2014 13:46:42 in Products

    If you follow my instagram account you'll have seen the image below from last week:

    e.m.papers ink brush pattern drawings

    I enjoyed a morning of passionate experimenting with brush and ink creating all kinds of different patterns. I've sinced scanned the patterns, sliced and diced them and am turning them into printable Christmas cards like this one, 'Merry Tree'. I'm really proud of how the simple strokes that make up the tree came out. It took making a lot of bad trees to come up with this one good one:

    I had so much fun creating these, hopefully you like them too. I'll be sharing more over the next week or two.

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  • The Coolest Bride Ever

    11/19/2014 15:58:05 in Wedding

    Solange Wedding Dress

    I audibly gasped when I saw this picture of Solange Knowles on Pinterest. The hair! The dress! The cuffs! I love the utter lack of frilliness and sentimentality. This is the wedding dress of a woman who is in command. Such boldness. In another life I will totally steal this bridal look. All hail Solange! Photo by Rog Walker. More here on Vogue.

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  • Ausflug: Strasbourg

    11/14/2014 18:59:46 in Ausflüge

    Strasboug, Alsace, France

    It's high time I shared another Ausflug with you guys!

    Last August was a real downer weather-wise in most of Europe. We wanted to take a little jaunt over one of the 3-day weekend holidays, with the thought that we'd catch some nice northern Italian sun. Nice idea, but it was cold and rainy.

    Strasboug, Alsace, France

    So instead of trying to follow the sun to Portugal or Turkey (like every other person on the continent) we accepted what the weather Gods had to offer and headed north-west to Strasbourg, France.

    Strasboug, Alsace, France

    It was Armin's mother's birthday and they were celebrating around his home town, about 20 minutes from the French border, so we figured we surprise everyone on the way back to Munich.

    Strasbourg is absurdly cute. As you may know, it's in the Alsace region of France, which has bounced between being part of Germany and part of France over the ages. It's France now, and one feels it, but you can easily speak German there too.

    Strasboug, Alsace, France

    Right before the new trip, I got a new gadget; a Sony camera that hooks up to an iphone, so we spent a lot of the weekend on a 'Photo Safari'. Armin would give me little assignments to try and capture depth of field or to fiddle around with the exposure settings. These are a fraction of the photos that we took...indulge me.

    Strasboug, Alsace, France

    Strasboug, Alsace, France

    Strasboug, Alsace, France

    As you've probably gathered, Strasbourg is kind of like a French version of Venice on a smaller scale. Canals run through the town and locals get around on boats.

    Strasboug, Alsace, France

    Strasboug, Alsace, France

    We defintely got in  our recommended daily allowance of Foie Gras and white wine during or short visit.

    As we mosied back over towards the German border we stopped off at the Maginot Line

    maginot line

    ...but that's a story for another time.

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  • 3 Important Adobe Reader Print Settings to Check Before Printing Your e.m.papers

    11/05/2014 07:30:08 in Tutorials

    I recently got an email from a customer, frustrated that her e.m.papers wedding invitation template was printing out smaller than 5 x 7 inches.

    I double checked the PDF, and found that the file was the correct size, so something wasn’t quite right when she was trying to print.

    I quickly realized that the Adobe Reader print settings were probably wrong. And it was likely that the ‘Fit’ size option was selected. This will slightly reduce the size of whatever you’re printing.

    I print out PDFs all the time, it’s second nature to me to use certain settings in Adobe, but I realize this is not the case for everyone! So here’s a quick guide on the three Adobe Reader key settings to check before you print your printable.

    Adobe Reader Print Settings for an e.m.papers printable

    You’ll find the dialog window under File > Print

    1. Page Setup. This is a button at the bottom left of the dialog box. Click it to see your page options. Select A4 or Letter depending on what part of the world you live in and the template size you’re printing.

    2. Size Options. This setting is important. Make sure to select ‘Actual Size’ NOT ‘Fit’. ‘Fit’ will shrink the design of the printable to fit on the page, so it will be slightly smaller when it prints.

    3. Orientation. Portrait, Landscape or Auto portrait/landscape. I usually leave on ‘Auto portrait/landscape’. Use the preview window to the left to double check that the orientation is indeed correct.

    Your home printer may have individual settings (like ink quality and paper type) that you should also check. It’s always a good idea to do a couple of test runs on regular printer paper before you start a big print job.

    And remember! Always always use Adobe Reader (download it free) for e.m.papers printable templates. They will get wonky and won’t work in other programs (like Mac Preview).

    Happy printing!

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  • Zombies, Bats and Dia De Los Muertos - Printable Halloween Party Invitations

    10/28/2014 16:58:56

    Bats Printable Halloween Party Invitation Template

    Dia De Los Muertos Halloween Party Printable Wedding Invitation

    Zombie Apocalypse Printable Halloween Invitation Template

    Trick or Treat Halloween Party Invitation Template

    I hustled and got some Halloween Party invitations out. You can only get them on the Etsy store right now, but if you've already made your spooky party plans no, worries, there's always next year, when Halloween is on a Saturday night.

    I sadly confess, we don't really have any Halloween plans this year. It's not such a big deal here in Munich (although it is becoming a bigger deal, as I wrote about last year on Wahlmünchnerin, my blog about Munich) Maybe we'll get together next year and throw a party. If we do, at least I already know what invites I'll use!

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