• E.M. Papers in Real Life: Franziskas' Love Bird Wedding Invitation Stationery

    10/01/2014 21:25:42 in Products , Studio Tours , Wedding

    Love Bird Wedding Invitation Templates

    These are my favorite kinds of mails to get. Seeing how customers have used e.m.papers wedding invite templates to create heartfelt and personal stationery for their weddings.

    These beautiful pics landed in my inbox a couple of weeks ago from Franziska who got married last year here in Germany. The cards look great, and I love the effort she took to style all the pieces.

    Thanks so much for sharing Franziska!

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  • My Fig Tree

    09/25/2014 18:07:21 in Studio Tours

    One of the joys of working at home, especially in the spring and summer, is that when I need a break I can just pop out onto our terrace.

    At the moment my beloved fig tree has started bearing fruit. A little secret: I don't even like figs that much, but I can't contain my excitement when they start showing up. If you follow me on me on Pinterest you'll notice the uptick in fig-related recipe pins (sorry!)

    I've gotten started on the relaunch of e.m.papers (logo, new shop) as I've alluded to before. My big hope is that the store will go live before the figs are ready for harvest!

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  • More Wedding Menu Templates

    09/25/2014 17:57:24 in Studio Tours

    A couple of weeks ago I shared some updated images I created of our wedding menus and promised some more since they're not live in the shop yet.

    We've got over 20 printable wedding menu template designs and these are just a few, but they're some of my favorites:

    wedding menu printble

    I tend towards minimalism. When I first created the design for the Simple Heart wedding invitation design series, I was concerned that the design might be a little too simple. Luckily it's turned out to be quite popular (right now it's only available in the e.m.papers Etsy shop)

    This menu template, part of the Morning Glory wedding design suite is from one of the very first e.m.papers wedding invitation designs, but still looks fresh:

    wedding menu template

    There are a lot of different ways you can use our menu templates; you can place them in card holder stands for each table, or you can rest them on top of the plates at each individual place setting like so:

    wedding menu template

    This image is of our pretty, romantic floral printable menu card. You also see the matching table number tent and printable wedding place card.

    I don't want to bore you, so this is just a few. You can see the our printable menu templates section to see the rest of what we've got.

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  • Wedding Menu Templates for Last Minute 'Day of' Wedding Items

    09/25/2014 17:42:46 in Products , Studio Tours

    We are in the thick of wedding season! Save the Dates and Invitations have long since been sent out and now people need 'day of' items for their weddings; wedding programs, seating charts, escort cards and wedding menus.

    I recently updated photos of our printable wedding menu templates (though I don't have them live in the shop yet, that'll have to wait until after the relaunch!) Previously they were a little too small to really get a good idea of what the design looked like. Here are some of our most popular:

    printable wedding template

    This wedding menu template 'Kate & Wills' utlizes simple vintage cutlery image and a sophisticated type treatment. The goal was to communicate the elegance and tradition of the royal wedding.

    This menu template, part of the 'Silhouette' wedding design suite is a modern take on the cutlery on a menu concept:

    wedding menu template cutlery

    A couple of points about our printable menu templates:

    Each dinner menu template comes two to a page. All you need to do is edit your text, print the menu out (ideally, on card stock) and than cut down the middle.

    wedding menu template knife fork spoon

    You get two versions of each menu card. One version has separate fields for each meal course and the second version, which contains 'one field' in the file name, contains one large text field. The reason for this is that perhaps your menu text doesn't fit neatly into each separate field for the courses. In the 'one field' version of the menu template you can edit and break text with a lot more flexibility.

    I'll post more of the new menu images soon. In the meantime, you visit our full collection of printable menu templates to see what we've got.

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  • How To Make a Printable Wedding Invitation - Short Video

    07/02/2014 12:08:00 in Studio Tours , Tutorials

    I just spent the morning making this short video demonstrating how e.m.papers printable wedding invitation templates work.

    I really tried to keep it short and to the point and under one minute (I find I start getting bored 30 seconds into instructional videos!). Since I tend to ramble when I talk, I opted to create the spot using just text and video, with an upbeat little ditty as the soundtrack.

    Hope you like it!

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