• Wedding Invitation Template: Vintage Roses

    03/25/2015 06:41:34 in Printable Wedding Invitations , Products , Studio Tours , Wedding

    Vintage Rose Printable Wedding Invitation

    This is pretty much my favorite design from the e.m.papers Spring 2015 wedding stationery collection. The vintage rose imagery and bold black typography add a touch of sophistication and class, while at the same time keeping the feel romantic.

    Vintage Rose Printable Wedding Invitation

    Printable wedding invitations are really great if you're planning a wedding on a budget, but the design doesn't have to reflect that!

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  • How to Flatten an e.m.papers Editable PDF

    03/24/2015 16:17:49 in Tutorials

    How to flatten an editable e.m.papers PDF from e.m.papers on Vimeo.

    Our products, in particular wedding products, are editable because they are built in Adobe Acrobat using a form feature. Every spot where you can edit the text is actually a form field. These form fields are easily handled by any home printer.

    Occasionally, however, the software in use at a printer or copy shop can't handle form fields, and won't print the wedding printable correctly. The most typical error being that the text won't show up. 

    There's an easy way to fix this. The PDF form needs to be flattened. This can only be done in Adobe Acrobat Pro, but your printer or copy shop will have it. The video above shows how.

    The steps are:

    1. Save a copy of your printable 

    2. Open that copy and go to 'Advanced' in the main menu

    3. Under 'Advanced' select  the 'Preflight' option

    4. Under 'Preflight', expand the 'PDF Fixups' section

    5. Select 'Flatten Annotations and form fields'

    6. You'll be asked to save another copy. Go ahead and do so. After you do that, Acrobat will automatically begin flattening the file.

    Once the file is flattened, you can no longer edit the text (which is what also allows the printer to print it). But if you need to make fixes, you've still got your original version. Just try and make sure that the version you flatten is final (no typos, etc.) so you don't have to do it again.

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  • 31 Wedding Designs March Challenge Update #2

    03/20/2015 16:06:33 in Printable Wedding Invitations

    Gray and Yellow Botanical Printable Wedding Invitation

    The design challenge continues! So far I've come up with 20 new wedding invitation designs. Some days it's quite hard, I have zero inspiration, and other days I know exactly what I want to do, it's just a matter of getting what's in my head onto the screen.

    Some of the designs seem to be clear hits, others are misses, and some are just experiments. I'm not aiming for perfection with this challenge. In fact, it's often only after looking at the design over a month that I realize what needs to be changed.

    Starry Night Indigo Printable Wedding Invitation

    I also have to design within the constraints of what a PDF template allows, which as a designer I like. It can be difficult to pick a direction when there are no limits.

    Classic Black and White Printable Wedding Invitation

    I've posted what seem to be the hit invitation designs here (I test them out in my Etsy store to see what the response is). I'll post the misses and experiments in another post soon.

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  • Simple Black and White Wedding Invitation Template: Calligraphy Monogram

    03/18/2015 09:39:43 in Printable Wedding Invitations

    Calligraphy style black and white wedding invitation

    Simple, clean, elegant and classy. That's what I was going for when I designed this black and white wedding invitation with an un-cluttered calligraphy-style monogram. It's easy to sometimes forget that less is more.

    black and white calligraphy style wedding invtitation template

    Not only can this invitation easily printed on a black and white printer (as well as with a color one, of course). It will also look spectacular on different kinds of paper, like craft paper, or earth-tone colors. The possibilites are endless.

    Calligraphy Monogram Printable Wedding Invitation

    You can test this wedding invitation template, just download a test PDF of the wedding design under the 'Sample' tab.

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  • Wedding Invitation Template: Deco, A 1920s-style, Great Gatsby Wedding Invite

    03/11/2015 09:20:20 in Printable Wedding Invitations

    Art Deco Style Wedding Invitation

    I have to confess, the 1920s Art Deco trend does not come to me naturally. However I recently collaborated with a group of other wedding professionals for a styled shoot. The theme was the roaring twenties, so I did my best. 

    I'm actually quite happy with how this wedding design turned out. It's go the flash of the 1920s but isn't overdone. So if your planning a Great Gatsby style wedding this is the printable wedding invitation template for you. 

    Roaring Twenties Printable Wedding Invitation

    You can try it out yourself here. There is a test download under the 'sample' tab.

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