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About Eleanor

Eleanor Reagh Mayrhofer Eleanor Reagh Mayrhofer grew up in Los Angeles and spent her formative years in her father's letterpress print shop. She studied graphic design in San Francisco during the mid-nineties where she worked first as book designer, then (like everyone else at the time) became a web designer.

She moved to Munich, Germany at the end of the nineties where she worked at a global digital consulting firm for ten years. She eventually grew creatively frustrated and decided to resurrect e.m.papers from a previous incarnation, partly as an experiment and a place to renew her creative expression.

After her own DIY wedding and developing a series of printable wedding kits, she was eventually able to quit her day job and now runs e.m.papers full time.

Eleanor lives in Munich with her husband. She blogs about life there and also helps other creative indie businesses with project and time management through her other business Steal This Process.

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Conferences, Speaking & Workshops

IXDS Pre-Work Talk - Munich, January 2014
Advent Paper Workshops - Munich, November 2013
Makeshift Society - San Francisco, 2013
Etsy Labs - Munich & Berlin, 2013
The Hive European Bloggers Conference - Berlin, 2013
Munich Creative Business Week, 2012
Creative Nite - Munich, 2012
Hello Etsy - Berlin, 2011